Trustus Pharma & the Five Whys of RCA

Trustus Pharmaceuticals Episode #32

Heidi encounters Mike in the break room and decides to challenge him to take on a  Root Cause Analysis (RCA) project.

It’s not that I think root cause analysis is useless in all forms and applications.  When applied in some industries such as aviation, it seems to be a pretty powerful tool. Consider the Concorde air disaster, or the losses of space shuttles Challenger and Columbia.  In each of those cases, the failure was the result of cascading events originating from a seemingly minor root cause:  A loose piece of metal on a runway (Concorde), an O-ring (Challenger), and a fragment of foam insulation (Columbia).

My problem with RCA is that managers in all industries think it’s so freaking awesome that it needs to be applied in every incident, no matter how minor.  The second Trustus Pharmaceuticals video I made, The Cause Map, was actually based on a real incident. A pool of water on a floor? Well Hell! Let’s cause map that fucker!

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1 Response to Trustus Pharma & the Five Whys of RCA

  1. Muppet says:

    That’s freaking awesome! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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