Master Chefs & Suicide Nets

Trustus Pharmaceuticals Episode #35

This episode is a sequel to Episode #30 (It’s A Tumor!) and it may not make a whole lot of sense unless you’ve seen that episode. It’s got a bit of a surprise that I don’t want to give away, but the basic story is that Lydia, the branding consultant, discovers Thimma in the conference room staring in dismay at the picture of a tumor that Lydia hung on the wall. Lydia and Thimma then get into a bit of a discussion on some of the cultural differences between the company’s satellite manufacturing sites and the US corporate headquarters.

I discovered a few things while making this video.  I discovered, for example, that I really really really hate the “Queen Elizabeth” voice that I use for Lydia. It’s like fingernails on a blackboard. Hopefully, it’s at least tolerable if you’re just watching a quick video. But when you’re actually producing one of these things, and listening to excerpts again and again and again … it’s like being water-boarded. Fortunately, Lydia is just a transitional character. If I bring in a branding consultant as a permanent character at some point in the future, I sure as Hell won’t be using Queen Elizabeth for the voice.

I also discovered that I like having a message or lesson in these videos, rather than pure snark and cynicism. I’d like to think there is a message here. But then again, maybe I’m just totally full of shit. It’s up to you to decide.

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4 Responses to Master Chefs & Suicide Nets

  1. Disgruntled Chemist says:

    Another nice one! 😀

  2. Chemist from QA says:

    While I’m new here, I find your insight amazingly accurate. Are you the dude across the hall?

    • Oh no! I wouldn’t be doing these things if I was still there! 😛

      If you are on the 2nd floor where I used to work, I assume the MSAT lab is across the atrium from you? If that is the case, I believe Ping is in the office I used to be in. There is probably another guy over there named Joe. I think they may be the only two “legacy” guys over there. There is also I guy named Mark, but last I heard he has been “borrowed” by manufacturing.

      Judging by the IP address your comment originated from, I think we may be at two different companies. Interesting how the same problems resonate across the industry!

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