What’s Her Face

I’m working on a new video featuring the intern, but I’m a little late with it. I’ve been trying to pace these things so that I release one a week, on Sunday night. This next one won’t be released until later in the week though.

So far, there have been three videos featuring the intern:

  1. The New Intern (Episode #8)
  2. The New Intern : Day Two (Episode #11)
  3. We Have Silage! (Episode #17)

Of those, I think my favorite was Episode #11, which I renamed on the Youtube channel to “Pharma Industry Acronym Hell” in an effort to better describe it and try to drum up more hits. None of these three ever really received much attention, but I always thought Episode #11 was especially good and deserving of more hits. I would personally rate the other two as “okay” at best. They aren’t bad, in my opinion, but they aren’t great either.

I’ll try to get the next video out within a few days. In the meantime, the three previous intern videos are embedded below. Enjoy!

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