So much for November!

Well shit! I let the entire month of November slip by without a single video. Obviously, I’m much more sporadic with the videos than I would prefer.

Hopefully, I’ll get a few videos out in December. I’m still working on the latest intern video, although I haven’t touched it in weeks. Sometimes, it seems like the videos come easily. Other times, it feels like every video I try to do just goes to complete shit. That has been happening a bit with the intern video, and ultimately what will happen is I will either revamp it completely or just put it on the back burner and do another one instead.

Anyway, there are a number of subscribers / followers to this blog now, so I thought I should at least make one post in the final hours of November to say that … yeah, I’m still alive. And there will be more videos in the near future. I’ve just been in a dry spell.

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1 Response to So much for November!

  1. Legacy Employee says:

    Hell yeah, I’m stoked for this Lasagna!

    (Heh Heh! Sorry, couldn’t resist!) 🙂

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