Fly Shit In The Pepper

Trustus Pharmaceuticals Episode #37

This was a fun video to do and it is already one of my personal favorites.  It originally came to me as a script from a former employee of “The Company.” I’ve modified it quite a bit, reducing the size and changing the dialog to better accomodate the synthetic voice accents, and things like that.

In the video, Oliver overhears a conversation in the break room and immediately runs to Heidi to tell her what he heard. Heidi freaks and calls for a “For-Cause Audit” to investigate. The audit turns up nothing, but that doesn’t dampen Heidi’s enthusiasm for the investigation. When you commit a lot of the company’s time, money, and resources to an investigation, it had better as Hell turn something up!

This video marks the first (and likely last) appearance of an HR character named John, who is moving on to greener pastures. Farewell John! 😛

On a somewhat unrelated note, this week (January 15) marks the one year anniversary of the Trustus Pharmaceuticals Youtube channel. Woo Hoo! 😛

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4 Responses to Fly Shit In The Pepper

  1. Steven Ross says:

    I shortened the URL and put it up for you at the Breaking Bad forum !!!

  2. Steven Ross says:

    “OMG” lmfao LV !!!

  3. Legacy Employee says:

    “I just had a lean six sigma master blackbelt moment!” – Priceless!

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