Bob’s Revenge

Trustus Pharmaceuticals Episode #39

I decided Bob needed revenge following the staff meeting in the last video. In this video, Bob provides a brutally honest itinerary of the staff meeting that is about to begin. It’s pretty realistic, in my opinion. Yes, 5-minute “varia” sessions inevitably turn into bitch-fests. Yes, people present slides crammed full of impossible to read data as a way of saying “Look at all the shit I’ve done!” And yes, people love to text during meetings, complaining about the asshole who just won’t shut the fuck up.

The video is alternatively titled “The [Standard] Process Development Staff Meeting.” My preferred title is “Bob’s Revenge,” but that title won’t really get any hits on Youtube unless someone is actually looking for the video.

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1 Response to Bob’s Revenge

  1. Legacy Employee says:

    LOL! “Fuck you, Bob!” 🙂
    The Nick Nolte pic was a nice touch.

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