Museum of Crap Angry Over Shit Opinion

museum of crap

Eh … Google Translate may be a little off here. Click here to visit the source.

Talk about unfortunate translations! I think the museum of art’s director called the culture minister “a piece of crap.” As translated, it appears that the museum of crap’s director called the culture minister “a piece of art.” It’s harder to tell than it may first appear though, since the article really is about a piece of shit at the crap museum.

artists-shitSpecifically, it is about this can of “Artist’s Shit.” It is one of 90 cans, each containing 30 grams of feces from Italian artist Piero Manzoni. The “artist” canned his feces in 1961 for … I dunno. Art? I guess? Anyway, one of the cans at the museum sprung a leak (Ewww!), and art collector John Hunov, owner of the tinned turds, filed a lawsuit charging the museum with storing his can of crap irresponsibly. The lawsuit was ultimately settled for 225,000 Danish krone which, at today’s exchange rate, comes out to less than $42,000. That’s actually pretty cheap, considering these cans have sold as high as $171,000 at auction. At the current spot price of ca. $1300 per once, that is about 132 times the price of gold. And to think I just flush mine down the toilet!

According to this article, Piero Manzoni was inspired to defecate in the cans when his father told him, “You’re work is shit.” Parents know best. The artist’s father apparently owned a canning factory, although the article doesn’t say if Manzoni utilized his father’s factory for his crap canning project. Let’s hope not.

I’m kind of fond of paint on canvas myself.

Christina’s World

This is Christina’s World, by Andrew Wyeth. He didn’t shit in cans.

You may be wondering what led me to research poo today. I was intrigued by this link which was in a comment to my last post. I thought it was a joke until I looked it up and discovered that Sigma-Aldrich does indeed sell Sewage Sludge. For just over $600, you can buy a jar of your favorite blend, be it “mixed” or “industrial” in origin. That’s a real bargain, considering what Manzoni’s feces fetch. Anyway, while researching the poo market, I came across Artist’s Shit. I’ve read about it before, but was so amused by the way Google mangled that translation up there that I figured I needed to share. 😛

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2 Responses to Museum of Crap Angry Over Shit Opinion

  1. Michael Corelone says:

    This post reminded me of the old timey JACS papers from 1910-1920 where grad students had the unenviable task of quantitative analysis of poop and putting Pisa in a sep funnel while trying to isolate the (nitrogenous, no doubt) molecules which made standing urine stink.

    The golden era of chemistry.

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