Mathematical Oddities

fucked_cubeThe strangest shit amuses me. I’m constantly fiddling with or obsessing over some of the oddest things in mathematics. Among these are statistical puzzles, geometric relationships, gravity, relativity, paradoxes, Möbius strips, and all manner of related arcane and trivial things. In fact, my screen name “ZombieSymmetry” is derived in part from my infatuation with symmetric and asymmetric relationships in geometry, time, and space. Some of the mathematical oddities I obsess over are my own creations, but most are the creations of real mathematicians, and in some cases they are thousands of years old.

It’s the kind of thing that I normally keep to myself. After all, they lock people up in the loony bin for having thoughts such at this. But fuck it … it’s my blog, and these are the crazy things that run through my head all the time, for better or worse. So, I’m making a new category here just for these weird thoughts, and I’m gonna start posting them, God help you all.

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2 Responses to Mathematical Oddities

  1. Michael Corelone says:

    I can’t tell you how many chemistry profs I knew who had a model of buckminster fullerene in their office. They loved to wax poetic about THAT, let me tell you…

    • Dodecahedrane, C20H20, is the cooler molecule, I think. It is fully covalent and therefore more diamond-like than fullerenes. Additionally, if you look at it … I’m pretty sure a lattice could exist of endless fused C20 spheres. It would be analogous to diamond, but based on five-membered rings rather than six. If I ever get around to producing some semi-decent science fiction, I’ve considered using that as an advanced material, possibly alien. 🙂

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