Nostalgic for Trustus Pharma

I’ve been itching for awhile to get back into making Trustus Pharmaceutical videos. However, the company that produced the animation software that I used is kaput. Xtranormal is no more. They are bereft of life. They have ceased to be. So there’s that.

The writing was on the wall long before they actually closed their doors. First, they seemed to mismanage their contracts with other companies, such as the companies that supplied the voices. Then they rolled out a lot of nifty new things, like the ability to modify a character’s clothing. But then those things were just abandoned without being fully implemented. Then, suddenly the tech support guys who used to enthusiastically interact with the customers in the forums just kind of disappeared. And then the forums themselves disappeared. And finally, after several months of no new software updates and no communication all from the company, they just shut down. It was like a long, drawn out “fuck you” from the company to it’s customers — a “fuck you” that lasted several months. So … good riddance to them, I say. I loved the software, but any company that shows such utter contempt for it’s customers as Xtranormal did really does deserve to go under.

Another company has bought up the remnants of Xtranormal, but it’s not real clear at this point what they plan to do. There are other animation platforms out there as well, but so far none of them have really excited me.

In the meantime, I’ve been looking back at some of my personal favorites and I’ve gotten an itch to change the name of this blog back to “Trustus Pharmaceuticals.” I changed the name to “ZombieSymmetry” (my username) when I decided to revive this blog but with expanded content. But now I’m thinking, what the fuck is a ZombieSymmetry?” I mean, if I were scrolling through a list of blog titles and was going to click on one of them, I think I would pass on “ZombieSymmetry” and click on “Trustus Pharmaceuticals.” Trustus just sounds more alluring, at least to me.

Anyway, here is one of my personal favorites, on the acronym hell that is the pharmaceutical industry. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Nostalgic for Trustus Pharma

  1. globetrotter says:

    Hope you find suitable software soon, everyone loved the videos and I am sure that there is plenty of cannon fodder for new ones.

    • Plenty of fodder is right! That place is such a madhouse, I can’t believe corporate headquarters hasn’t come in and razed the existing management by now.

  2. Stuart Lynne says:

    Can you blog and animate at the same time? Have been enjoying the blog entries too!

    • Oh yeah. Blogging is quite a bit easier, actually. The videos require a lot of tedious work. It can take a long time just to get a character to pronounce something right, or to make a gesture or facial expression look the way you want. I enjoy the blogging aspect, now that I don’t feel confined to blogging about just Trustus Pharma videos. But I’d still like to make some more of those if I can.

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