Nikola Tesla Was An Idiot

Well … no, not really. He wasn’t a complete idiot, but he also wasn’t the super genius that he’s often made out to be either. There are a few things at play in the whole Nikola Tesla love movement, which has been underway for around 25 years now.

First, people (most notoriously, those on the far left) hate the idea of anybody being successful. Second, people just love an underdog. People hate Walmart, but they love the shitty little neighborhood store that Walmart ran out of business. The first Walmart store was opened by Sam Walton in 1962, and back then, Sam Walton was the hero — the underdog fighting for a little piece of the pie. But Sam Walton was successful and Walmart grew and people’s opinions turned. Once you demonstrate you don’t suck, for example by beating the odds and becoming a successful retail chain, you cease to be loved. Most people are losers and can relate to and empathize with other losers, like Nikola Tesla. People can’t relate to winners like Sam Walton or Thomas Edison.


As seen through the glassy eyes of Tesla apostle Matthew Inman: Thomas Edison (left) and Nikola Tesla (right).

Tesla has been in the news recently as Matthew Inman, head cheerleader of the Nikola Tesla Fandom, managed to get Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, to pledge support for a Nikola Tesla science museum. I first encountered cartoonist Matthew Inman a few years back when I read his piece, Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived.

In Matthew Inman’s eyes (and this seems to be a common theme amongst the Tesla fandom), Thomas Edison invented nothing and never had an original idea. Edison was a ruthless robber baron who forced peasants to slave away under hazardous conditions in his sweat shop of a laboratory while he stole their ideas and paid them in crumbs. He patented stolen ideas, many from Nikola Tesla, because he was a greedy capitalist and a business man. Nikola Tesla, on the other hand, invented electricity, AC power, the transformer, all electric motors in use today, and the ability to transmit electricity wirelessly across the Atlantic. Tesla invented WiFi. He also invented radar and death rays, but of course he only invented death rays for defensive purposes because he was such an angelic humanitarian. He did all this glorious work while living on crackers in rat-infested hotel rooms because Thomas Edison, et. al., stole all his money. Here is Nikola Tesla again, in case you didn’t recognize him in that first photograph:


Here is Che Guevara Nikola Tesla in his customary Marxist guerrilla regalia (left) and as Cornelius in the 1968 movie The Planet of the Apes (right).

I’m only slightly exaggerating Inman’s fanaticism for Tesla here. Read Inman’s declaration of love for Tesla yourself. Alex Knapp, writing for Forbes, wrote a pretty succinct retort to Inman’s piece in 2012. Inman further wrote a rebuttal to Knapp which is also worth checking out.

As the title of Knapp’s piece states, Nikola Tesla Wasn’t God, And Thomas Edison Wasn’t The Devil. It is true that Thomas Edison did not single-handedly invent the light bulb. Like most all great inventions, the light bulb was invented over many years by many people, each providing some incremental improvement to the overall design. Edison’s contribution was an improved filament, made of carbon, that finally made the incandescent light bulb practical. It was the icing on the cake and thus Thomas Edison, rightly or wrongly, is credited with the overall discovery.

Inman says of Thomas Edison:

He believed the value of his inventions could be gauged by how much money they made. He was neither a mathematician nor a scientist — he believed he could just hire people to do that for him.

Inman contends that Thomas Edison was not a scientist because the carbon filament discovered in Edison’s lab to work best was not personally discovered by Edison but by some unnamed minion working for him. If we go by Inman’s definition of “scientist” though, virtually none of the Nobel Prizes ever awarded in the physical sciences have gone to the appropriate people. Barry Sharpless should not have received the Nobel Prize in 2001 for stereoselective oxidation reactions, for example. Rather, that coveted award should have gone to some dickhead weighing out osmium tetraoxide at the balance all day.

How do the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla compare with those of Thomas Edison? Consider the following passage from the Wikipedia page on Nikola Tesla:

Tesla’s work fell into relative obscurity after his death, but since the 1990s, his reputation has experienced a resurgence in popular culture. His work and reputed inventions are also at the center of many conspiracy theories and have also been used to support various pseudosciences, UFO theories and New Age occultism.

Much like the Roswell incident, Nikola Tesla was forgotten for decades only to be dug up in recent decades as an icon of the lunatic fringe. He was forgotten because his accomplishments were insignificant. Let’s look at some of them.

First, Tesla didn’t discover AC power. The first alternator was developed by Hippolyte Pixii more than two decades before Tesla was born. Nor did Tesla develop the AC generator or transformer. And although the conspiracy theorists who comprise the Tesla fandom often speak of Tesla being the father of the induction motor, he didn’t even invent that. A guy named Walter Baily demonstrated the first crude induction motor in 1879. Galileo Ferraris developed the first practical induction motor in 1885 and publicly demonstrated it in April of 1888. It was a month after that, in May of 1888, that Tesla unveiled his “me too” induction motor. Tesla claimed, however, to have “dreamed up” his induction motor before Ferraris, leading to a contentious battle between the two men in the courts.

Nikola Tesla appears to have invented the very first remote control device. He demonstrated a radio-controlled boat and attempted to sell the invention to the U.S. military as a means of guiding torpedoes (so much for Inman’s view of Tesla as a humanitarian). The military viewed it as a gimmick though and wasn’t interested.

Nikola Tesla played a role in the overall development of radio transmission and was granted a number of patents for his developments in radio in 1900. When the first transatlantic radio transmission was sent by Gugliemo Marconi in 1901, Tesla observed that the accomplishment was made possible in part by 17 of his patents. He also observed on another occasion that he was receiving radio transmissions from Mars, so there’s that.

Those are, for the most part, the primary scientific accomplishments of Nikola Tesla: A “me too” induction motor and improvements in radio transmission. Those are his real accomplishments, anyway. If you do a Google search for “Nikola Tesla’s greatest inventions,” you’ll discover a vast list of fantastical things that are attributed to  Nikola Tesla.


No, Tesla didn’t discover X-rays. He performed some uninspiring experiments with them.


No, Tesla didn’t invent radar. The closest he came was an idea he pushed for using radio underwater to detect the metallic hauls of submarines. It was a dumb idea, and the military told him to fuck off when he tried to sell the idea to them.

Death Beam

No, Tesla didn’t invent the laser or “death beam.” He claimed to have, as did many others of the time, but never demonstrated such a device. It’s easy to “invent” something that you never have to show anybody. He tried to sell the invention to investors, but they all told him to fuck off.

Wireless Communications and Limitless Free Energy

From Activist Post:

These two are inextricably linked, as they were the last straw for the power elite — what good is energy if it can’t be metered and controlled? Free? Never. J.P. Morgan backed Tesla with $150,000 to build a tower that would use the natural frequencies of our universe to transmit data, including a wide range of information communicated through images, voice messages, and text. This represented the world’s first wireless communications, but it also meant that aside from the cost of the tower itself, the universe was filled with free energy that could be utilized to form a world wide web connecting all people in all places, as well as allow people to harness the free energy around them. Essentially, the 0’s and 1’s of the universe are embedded in the fabric of existence for each of us to access as needed. Nikola Tesla was dedicated to empowering the individual to receive and transmit this data virtually free of charge. But we know the ending to that story . . . until now?

Bah hah hah! Fucking dumbass!

HAARP & Weather Control

No, HAARP doesn’t control weather and it isn’t an extension of secret work done by Nikola Tesla.

The Tunguska Event (Siberia, 1908)

No, the Tunguska Event wasn’t an accident caused by some fantastic Nikola Tesla experiment gone wrong.

The real Nikola Tesla was a crank. He claimed to have received radio messages from Mars, and that he had conceived of a device “to transmit energy in large amounts, thousands of horsepower, from one planet to another, absolutely regardless of distance.” There are reasons why he faded into obscurity after his death. We don’t remember the idiots.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, Nikola Tesla wasn’t a complete idiot. In fact, he accomplished quite a lot for a relatively dumb guy. Think of all the work he did in the fields of electricity and electromagnetism, and then consider the fact that all of that work was done by a guy who refused to believe in the electron or that atoms are divisible. He also rejected the theory of relativity.

The dichotomy between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, as painted by the scientifically illiterate acolytes of the Tesla fandom, is astounding: Edison, the unimaginative and greedy robber baron in bed with industrial tycoons and big banks; Tesla, the diminutive super genius and member of the proletariat class, who’s only goal was to make the world a better place. In reality, Tesla was no less in bed with “big banks” and received plenty of funding for his ideas early in his career from the likes of J. P. Morgan. Funding for his ideas dried up as his career progressed, however, since his ideas were generally idiotic and since he had a tendency to spend investor’s money on unrelated projects, or lose it in the stock market. At his death, Tesla held over 300 patents. But that hardly means he had over 300 functional or even remotely practical inventions. His last US patent, for example, was for a vertical takeoff tilt-wing biplane. Would it have flown? No.

smug fuck

Nikola Tesla: It’s hard to believe an idiot can look this smug.

Idiot or not, sane or not, the mythical icon that Nikola Tesla has been transformed into in recent decades pushes all the right buttons to get the fandom worked up. Nikola Tesla was the little guy. The ignored guy. The guy who’s wondrous inventions could have saved the world if only he had been taken seriously. Tesla was treated with disrespect and bullied by the big banks and the seemingly omnipotent powers of industry. The Nikola Tesla of myth, in other words, is a mirror image of the minions who comprise his fandom. He is somebody they can relate to, because he is just like them. He is their hero.


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  2. Joe Dick says:

    Excellent stuff! 🙂

    • chaitanya says:

      very good for saying curse words and everytime i see that stupid picture of nikola tesla bending and seeing everytime i remember a jackass !hah ha hah

  3. david says:

    Well, remember he died virgin. So I think the Logic of the supports goes like that. This guy is supposed to be a genius. And he never fuck once in his life! My neither!!! So I´m a Genius!!!!!.

  4. John says:

    So can I thank him for my rc cars & planes?
    That will do.
    Oh and for some David Bowie acting.

  5. growuptherekiller says:

    Most of the masses of morons out there could give a fuck less about Nickola Tesla or any other supposed underdog. The masses generally do not give two flying fuck shits about the “underdog”. If anything they will do everything in their limited power just to step on the underdog to get their head an inch further up their bosses asshole.
    The only reason people even know about Tesla is because of the internet.
    If it were not for that free flow of information not fully controlled by the establishment, Tesla would barely even be known about.
    From the way you talk It sounds like you were raised by a bunch of animals who had absolutely no problems about fucking over their neighbor just to become “Successful” If you think that is true success you are just as brainless as the people you praise.
    I mean the fact that you think prostituting yourself out to the overlords of this world somehow makes you a “hero” is some of the most lopsided logic I have seen in a blog post in a while.
    You may love the dog eat dog mentality worshiped by the mainstream masses of animals who believe they are human but one day it is going to be the destruction of those who follow the downward spiral like you.
    Enjoy your delusion Mr Successful.

    • Thank you for providing an excellent example of the rambling incoherent shit that spills out of the mouths of Tesla kooks.

    • chaitanya says:

      ya you are right. the idiot followers of tesla do not understand anything . ac current is just widespread and before going into any devices ac current has to convert back into dc current or your system will blast and that is what edison was trying to prove by electrocuting animals and a human. Edison has 2,332 patents on his name and that is more than 6 times that of tesla.sheesh stupid followers of tesla never understand . tesla might have done some impressing things but he just fought like an idiot with so many scientists. aahhh!! that stupid!!!

    • mega4525 says:

      for Chaitanya: um, that’s 1093 inventions that Thomas Edison created, and yes, when powering devices, AC was converted to DC, but u are still using AC nonetheless. besides, there are some devices that uses AC directly, with no components that uses DC. not to mention, its inhumane just to demonstrate that AC is dangerous, when in certain levels, DC is just as dangerous as AC.

  6. John says:

    John here again.
    ummm the ac/dc story appears well documented as well as fluro lights and a couple of others (his later acknowledgement of first transmission over Marconi being one) and if nothing else (apart from my rc hobby) must earn him a place in history. Maybe I took your article as serious when it is semi sarcasm? It does not retreat in it’s attack, so I’m still not sure.

    • I would say the article is somewhere between serious and sarcastic. Tesla was obviously an interesting and intelligent guy who earned his place in history. At the same time, he was a little bit of a loon, and as he grew older he also grew more loony. He also had a lot of really shitty ideas.

      My biggest issue with the Tesla craze isn’t really with Tesla so much as with the nutty fan club that has evolved to worship him. The reality is that very few great inventors or scientists in history have created anything in a vacuum. All of them, Edison and Tesla included, have built on the work of those who proceeded them. Inevitably, many of those “others” are forgotten about and we remember either the guy who put the last pieces of the puzzle together, or simply the most charismatic person in the chain. That’s just the way things go.

      Tesla is a magnet (there’s a pun in that somewhere) for kooks who think we would all be living in a free energy Utopia right now if only the evil industrialist Illuminati wasn’t bent on concealing the truth. Read the comment from “growuptherekiller” up there … that guy is a prime example.

    • It is only stating the truth. It is about damn time that the people who can see the forest through the trees speak up! We have been silenced far too long! Power to the truth tellers!

  7. Marconi says:

    Honestly, all respect I had for the 17 patent’s claim disappeared after I saw us patent 512340.
    It is a Tesla patent, and it is just a coil of wire. Now, did Tesla do anything here? No. This technology was invented 100 years ago. Tesla only patented it.

    Given how simple transatlantic radio is (Really, it all comes up to delivering large amounts of power to a transmitter.) I bet those 17 patents are something like

    “Coils of Wire”
    “Big Coils of Wire”
    “Alternating Current”
    “Long rods designed to transmit energy wirelessly between devices”

    And Tesla didn’t “invent” any of that; though there’s likely patented on various transformers (he called them Tesla Coils, despite them existing long before he did.) And probably more patents with A.C.

    Really, given how easy the task is; that Tesla failed to do it before Marconi, who did it with less and understood the inverse square law, means Tesla was a Hack. Marconi was Robbed!

    • Exactly! Now people understand!

    • mega4525 says:

      what do u mean Marconi was robbed, and Tesla was a hack? Of course, its painfully obvious that Tesla didn’t invent the transformer, or the AC current, however, Tesla pioneer/demonstrated the AC current, which was a reality now. Also, these “long rods” are called Tesla coils, and they actually do transmit electricity. Now, technology has risen for wireless energy, in fact, there are smaller devices to do just that, the only problem is that they are ineffective at long ranges. but that’s a big step in the direction. I wish the fire in the Tesla’s lab didn’t started….

    • mega4525 says:

      also, it’s kinda sad that Tesla is praised for the things he did where he obviously didn’t do(except for pioneering and advertising AC, and the inventions I have listed), by TheOatmeal, and how Edison was treated more than a devil(except he killed the elephant with an questionable AC current, there’s even a video of it, leading to him inventing the electrical chair, where his quote that said he did invented things to kill is a bit of a misnomer), but still, the exaggeration was stunning for both of the inventors, and so it was becoming absurd…You and I should know who is the true villain…………………..

      J.P Morgan, a betrayer for Tesla and even Edison

  8. Thank you very, very , very, very, very, very, very, much for this article! Finally! I am overjoyed to know that there are people like you out there who actually understand how and why Edison tops tesla by far. You rock! Seriously, tesla is and has been overrated for years on end. fucking tesla idiots. Tesla did contribute, but his inventions and accomplishments are absolutely positively not as far reaching as Edison’s are. Tesla was intimately in love with a pigeon in which he believed shot light out of it’s eyes and told him the future! He also claimed to have been from Venus! Can you believe that shit! What a Damn wack-a-doodle. I have no respect for that prick! Edison is said to have stolen all of tesla’s ideas, but we must think of how many things Edison invented or perfected before he even knew of tesla’s existence. He had many before tesla. Tesla was the jerk and lied about 90% of his so called revolutionizing inventions. If tesla sold patents to Marconi, he had to have known what Marconi was working on, so why would tesla sell patents that would have made him millions? The answer of course, is that tesla had not even thought of the idea in till Marconi inquired about such a device. Edison did not work alone. But guess what?, neither did tesla, who also had a large lab crew, so that automatically eliminates the whole “lone genius” myth. Tesla was a bastard! People must understand that Edison experimented with a.c before d.c , which gave Edison the right to draw to conclusion that a.c was and still continues to be dangerous. I am super tired of hearing about how tesla invented a shitload of worthless nonsense that he did not even invent nor perfect! I have been called everything from an idiot, to a pro Edison fucktard, then I finally find this amazing article of truth! Right on ! Keep writing brother, God bless!

    • ONEelectric says:

      …and yet you wrote that comment from a device utilizing AC power.

    • No, I wrote this on a device utilizing direct current, since the battery outputs direct current. And if I was using a desktop computer, I would still be using direct current, because it uses a transformer, of which Tesla did not invent, as it existed long before he did. Nice try though, I love to laugh!

    • mega4525 says:

      so, if want a DC system only, get a bunch of batteries, and power your life with it, or a generator that uses an DC motor, or a solar panel with no Diodes

    • mega4525 says:

      by the way, even if the current you are using is DC from AC, you are still using AC as an electrical source. without AC, everything will be completely different, let alone even type the message?

    • Yeah, go ahead, praise that joke of an inventor. Tesla was a fucking waste of time, honest and truly. You are a dillusional imbasile, if you think that Guglielmo Marconi was not robbed. Have you seen the patents, I have. Did you know that Marconi was using 23 Edison patents in HIS invention of the radio. And did you also know that Edison was the first person in history to put into use and patent wireless telegraphy? Of course you didn’t, instead you waste your time dabbling in Tesla, who is a most useless endeavor. YOU ARE STUPIDLY IGNORANT! You are a sucker! Wow, just another sucker I have to deal with once and for all. Tesla did not invent wireless technology, it would be ridiculously stupid to ignore that EDISON patent. And Tesla is given way too much credit. He is an overrated asshole. This fucking Tesla myth has gone as far as to make textbook companies say that that Edison stole all of his inventions from Tesla! Kids are learning that horse shit. And it is not at all true. Edison already had well over 200 inventions before Tesla came to America. And Tesla came to America to meet Edison, yeah that’s right, Edison. He came TO get his a.c motor built and patented. But unfortunately the story ends there, and people think that Tesla invented the first alternating current induction motor., when in reality, it was Galileo Ferarris’s invention, and there are papers to provide proof. Tesla: stupid little baby who refused to reason on the level of everything. So remember, that reality you are talking about is a living lie, and you will always live it, you love stupid stories.

    • mega4525 says:

      you said that Tesla was really that useless? seriously though, he is literally a man before his time, and yet you have the BALLS to be arguing about Nikola Tesla. this guy have made some original ideas…like the first to create an RC boat, and a fucking Tesla turbine, and I don’t care if they are useful, at least he created something. here’s a news flash, one of the person discovered radio waves, and even created the first transmitter before Marconi or Tesla, that will be Hertz. Tesla convinced to everyone that A.C to be useful, and look at this, i am typing about your ignorance, ON FUCKING AC CURRENT! and yes, the computer runs on dc, but you are still using AC nonetheless,(there are some devices that uses AC directly), besides, he wasn’t credited on textbooks, and nether was Micheal Faraday, where he made major contributions, and another of my favourite engineers, yet he wasn’t on my(and maybe some) FUCKING HISTORY TEXTBOOK. If you are curious, I used to like Thomas Edison, but I switched to Tesla, (and maybe add Micheal Faraday as my another favourite inventor), because its not because of the overrated pop culture(yeah, even I get annoyed, but Tesla is still a legend than Edison), no, its because of the invention that literally looked like a transformer, but shoots out sparks, hence the name, “Tesla coil”, and one of my best friends, and in 7th grade, (i am currently in 10th grade, age 15, do the math)I seen one of the poster that shows the list off all the inventors, and it has Tesla, but no Edison anywhere on the list, and that was not after the THEOATMEAL craze at all! my friend stated that Tesla contributed , while Edison was just a a bit of a inventor/business man.

    • mega4525 says:

      My apologies for the rushed grammar, but really though, Tesla is not that USELESS in reality, where he and Westinghouse is the reason why we type things on the article. however, I have to agree on the Overrated stuff on Nikola Tesla, like the AC transformer. except for one thing though-as he invented the Tesla coil, its plain obvious that there is wireless energy in the coil itself, and so he has these florescent tubes that can light from a certain distance on the Tesla Coil. so technically he did. and the quote that you wrote”. Did you know that Marconi was using 23 Edison patents in HIS invention of the radio.” so did Edison created parts of the radio, and if so, what are they called? and don’t say that even Tesla created the Tesla coil, i know its a mod, but still cool. that’s like saying Thomas Edison created the first light bulb, when in reality, there are some people before him created the bulb first, however, the mod was practical. and soon, Tesla coils will be useful for light shows and even music, or light up more light bulbs! also, when you mean I live on stupid stories, you meant that Tesla didn’t invent anything? wow, you must have been attached to Edison for so long(to be fair, good reasons) that you don’t accept change….its plain obvious he advertises AC with Westinghouse, and invented R/C with the rc boat, and a turbine that actually looks way different! the reason why Thomas Edison wanted AC to be abolished is because he is afraid when the people switched, he will lose money, where there was a main problem to Edison, Greed.

    • You dillusional Dumbass! Are you serious!?!?!?!?!?!??! I’m supposed to be scared because you are in tenth grade at 15 years of age? I am 65 years old and have been a historian for 42 years. I attended and graduated from Harvard university in 1974. I have been studying Edison and Tesla ever since. I have worked at the Edison national historical park for 16 years and have been on the Edison papers for 23 years. I think I know a bit more than you do. Tesla did not invent the transformer. Did you also know that Edison was the second person to ever notice wireless waves in the air? He called this phenomenon “Etheric Force”, and demonstrated it in the world’s fair with an invention he called “the little black box.” Don’t make me laugh kid! You are still wet behind the ears. There is oh so much you have absolutely no idea about. I’ve comedy, keep the blind idiot show going!

    • Greed? Let’s talk about greed. How about the court case fought between Tesla and Ferraris on the induction motor. Or the fact that Edison himself let literally hundreds of inventions he had already invented slip through his fingers. Ask about the inventions Edison let people steal. I want to tell you.

    • mega4525 says:

      really, I wasn’t even trying to scare you with my age, I was telling you how I discovered Tesla without the pop-culture thing. Also, I was just saying that in conclusion, Tesla is a inventor who was literally futuristic, where his kick-ass inventions doesn’t have practical things, but eventually, they did (also, I was certain Tesla didn’t invent the AC transformer, etc, Yeah, I need to THEOATMEAL creator Matt). You want to talk court case, everyone, including some Edison fans, knows that the Court reclaimed Tesla, as the inventor of the radio,not Marconi, but only after his death…and the black box belonged to Marconi, not Edison. its very clear about the 17 inventions belonged to Tesla part, but what do you mean 23 inventions made by Edison? you must have hate Tesla so much that you forgot Tesla’s own inventions that were real. and its damn obvious that Tesla and Westinghouse shows that AC is practical.

    • mega4525 says:

      also, in case you haven’t heard, my 2 most favourite inventors are Nikola Tesla, and Micheal Faraday, no Edison..also, I think you need a chill pill, because you must be high on “He”s and some “N”s just to make the overused comedy by laughing too often, and calling me a dumb-ass is a misnomer, because I have an A on my school subjects, as well as being smart to build things, especially the very small, but legit, 5 volt SSTC with a receiver with 3 LEDs, and it was next to my computer, and still working! 🙂 also………..Tesla turbines

    • mega4525 says:

      now lets have a hug, over a handshake

    • mega4525 says:

      there is one more thing I forgot, one of the Edison fans said this: “Edison has 2,332 patents on his name and that is more than 6 times that of tesla.sheesh stupid followers of tesla never understand.” honestly, that’s a big fuck-up! no-one would say-ever go that far, even me, and even some tesla fans!

    • In case you did not know, Edison did have 2,332 patents to his name worldwide. Just fyi. I’d like to know where you got the information that the little black box belonged to Marconi. Because Marconi was fascinated by Edison’s little black box which Edison exhibited in the 1888 world’s fair. I again say, MARCONI WAS FASCINATED BY EDISON’S LITTLE BLACK BOX EXHIBITED IN THE 1888 WORLDS FAIR. And yes, let’s talk about court cases. How about the several court cases that Westinghouse and Tesla lied in to bury several rightful inventors six feet under in the name of corporate interests. Let’s talk about the court case fought for the induction motor, in which the ACTUAL inventor of the induction motor, Galileo Ferarris, was fucked out of his own fucking rights to his invention and patents. Of which Westinghouse greased palms to win. You wanna talk about that one? Or do you wish to talk about one of the literally hundreds of others? I wouldn’t think so. Your pretty little Tesla was not as sweet and kind as you fuckers put on. And there’s no point in arguing with wet behind the ears kid who is too blind to see evidence presented before him by a professional historian on the subject. I’m appalled at your ridiculously stupidly childish ignorance. I shake my head and sigh.

    • You are telling me you are angry because I have the balls to talk about Tesla in such a way. Well at least I have a pair of genitals. And.they have been fully grown for over fifty years. So I’d be very careful of my words if I were you. And you are surprised I’m still active? I’ve been working since I was 7 years old and earning my own money. And I still get up every day and drive an hour and a half just to be at work. I’m dedicated to my art. And if you haven’t noticed, I work at the Edison national historical park. And it is a behemoth place. I give demonstrations and tours on a daily basis because I have studied and done my homework to determine who was a truly better inventor. And trust me, I was and am still not interested in living out the rest of my life in a fantasy land. And that is why I am still working every day at the Edison national historical park. If evidence suggested Tesla was better and contributed more, trust me, I would not be working here. I would be pushing for a Tesla historical park. But as I have said, I work here for a reason and am a slave to my art because I have done my homework and studied on NOTHING BUT EDISON AND TESLA for over 40 years. And that work and studying has proven who was truly better and worthy of a higher level of remembrance. And it is Edison according to evidence, and not fantasy myths like you have so obviously studied. My work is not a joke or play thing to me. And I take both men and their inventions VERY seriously. And that is why I am where I am. You are living a lie. And that’s that. Sorry to sock it to you kid, you live in marshmallow dreams on clouds of cotton. Absolutely fake and unreal. I feel really sorry for you, as I once adored Tesla. But upon inspection of evidence-based documents and analyzation of both men’s personal documents, I found out the exact opposite about the situation. I really feel for you kid, honest and truly. Such a waste of an intelligent brain.

    • mega4525 says:

      so you are saying that its true that I was living in my fantasy, a saying that in reality, that Tesla didn’t invent anything. well ok, prove to me on who invented a remote control device BEFORE 1898, or a tesla coil that functions like any fucking tesla coil (not an induction coil), or a tesla turbine, where it proves to be an obscure project, but it was proven to be 60% effecient than the most common engine, or a earthquake machine, where it made Mark Twain, one of Tesla’s friends, poop his pants. also, yes, he may be mean in the sorts, but he built a tower that he wanted energy for everyone, and you can’t deny that, especially you can so the demolished bits today, or the pictures taken using Edison’s camera…irony here? also, I would like to congratuate you for working very hard, I wish I want to meat you, :).(I wasn’t angry, I saw your point). and yes, if you said that Tesla didn’t invented wireless energy, he demostrated it:,
      and so I was gonna laugh, if edison discovered wireless energy in the air, at least do a demostration. and since tesla invented the tesla coil, it was very obvious that wireless energy is coming from the device this very instant. and really though, these tesla coils now have some sort of application..and yes, I know that none the inventions Tesla made didnt have pratical uses, but it legit. and the black box only seems to transmit radio waves, but not actual energy, so when I mean wireless energy, I meant it litteraly gives a device energy wirelessly. so I may know about Tesla, and have a skill in engineering, but I do not believe the actual lies that they actually made up, like he invented the loudspeaker, like really, who really made it up? and he didnt the transformer first, I put “first” in the sentence because Tesla created something that looks like a air-core transformer, since it has a primary, and secondary coil, hence the name,Tesla coil (and its plain obvious that it generates wireless energy, by high frequency and a magnetic field. In fact I have a small and harmess SSTC lighing up a 3 led module(which these 2 are made by me) from a few inches away, but still futuristic!). I don’t believe in some bullshit about Tesla, i look up facts on the internet sure, but it from Bio, Brainpop(I still love it), PBS, and other, all unbiased, anything! and i’m,pretty sure everyone likes him is maybe because of the Tesla Coil(which honestly, looks awesome as hell)

    • mega4525 says:

      also, Tesla may be in idiot, as the article claimed, but is mostly he has some disabilities that caused him to be dumb in a way he is actually smart, like autism(no, Tesla doesn’t have that), but he’s like a true mad scientist, proving he not only worked with electricity (Tesla turbine), however, he was in introvert. even though his best friend was a famous writer that beats down William Shakespeare, Mark Twain. also, give him credit that he never have sex with a woman in his lifetime.

    • Kid, I like you. But you must agree that I am rightfully frightened when I read the statement by Tesla himself about how he intimately loved a pigeon. It is a fact that Tesla was narcissistic by nature. And I must agree that what rendered him mad was his many disorders and phobias. I am not trying at any point to convince anyone that Tesla did not invent anything. What my goal is is to get people to realize that most of what they know about Tesla was a myth. And that Edison and Tesla co existed peacefully throughout their lives and were not complete enemies. Edison was not afraid to ask for help and was also actually not afraid to give credit to the people who helped him. Edison was very modest in regards to achievements, but was nonetheless very competitive. And I think that the competitiveness blinds people into not studying Edison further. Edison deserves a place in history as the world’s greatest scientists and inventor for his multiple and seemingly unlimited contributions that are still omnipresent in our society. Tesla is recognized by some to be the greatest according to myths like he invented alternating current. If people want to recognize Tesla is the greatest, I want it to be according to fact and not fantasy. And I can clearly see and am glad that you are wise to these myths. And you have drawn your conclusion according to evidence and that is something to be congratulated. There are very few people like you who are willing to admit that Tesla was not all peaches and cream. Much appreciated. But Tesla as well deserves a rightful place in history for his contributions as well. But if you are as smart as you seem, you must know that Edison did not steal all of his ideas from Tesla. Edison had enough ideas to keep his laboratory working for at least two hundred years. As did tesla have many useful ideas, but due to his screwiness had some very outlandish ones. Both inventors were human, and we must recognize that no man is without flaw. And even though Tesla claimed he was from Venus, we know he was human. Everyone makes mistakes, and both men did. That’s undeniable. And irrefutable. Both men contributed, but Edison contributed far more, nonetheless Tesla is important. And I am not trying to make you hate Tesla. I am simply explaining why believing most of the things known about Tesla is stupid because of the myth. I respect Tesla and consider him as second greatest in history due to analyzation of actual facts and figures.

    • And Mathew Inman is an idiot who encourages the myth. And that has made me lose all respect for him.

    • mega4525 says:

      also, it’s kinda sad that Tesla is praised for the things he did where he obviously didn’t do(except for pioneering and advertising AC,where it was practical now, and the inventions I have listed), by TheOatmeal, and how Edison was treated more than a devil(except he killed the elephant with an questionable AC current, there’s even a video of it, leading to him inventing the electrical chair, where his quote that said he did invented things to kill is a bit of a misnomer, and so its the reason why APACA exists), but still, the exaggeration was stunning for both of the inventors, and so it was becoming absurd…You and I should know who is the true villain…………………..

      J.P Morgan, a betrayer for Tesla and even Edison
      (sorry for the repeat post, I posted it in the wrong area)

    • mega4525 says:

      Tesla as a whole(not a person), is a complete disaster, what I mean mostly is where someone put his name for a free energy scam, and of course, the pop culture thing, so mostly, I feel sad where its not someone hates Tesla(well, sorta), but because to the reasons above. I was thinking of Matt trying to re-edit the poster, but I don’t think it should happen, and I know, and I hate to admit it, Tesla is for me is better than Edison, not because of how he was better than Edison in the wrong ways, but because the technology from Tesla is literally far superior! as mentioned in my post:”invented a remote control device BEFORE 1898, or a Tesla coil that functions like any fucking Tesla coil (not an induction coil), or a Tesla turbine, where it proves to be an obscure project, but it was proven to be 60% efficient than the most common engine, or a earthquake machine, where it made Mark Twain, one of Tesla’s friends, poop his pants. also, yes, he may be mean in the sorts, but he built a tower that he wanted energy for everyone”. possibly the Tesla turbine is the only unknown invention made by Tesla that wasn’t electricity based, and like the Tesla coil, its popping up on YouTube. I would like to state out that yes, Tesla didn’t invented AC, but he pioneered it, and advertises it that AC was practical.

    • mega4525 says:

      another thing I wanted to state out (non-controversial)is that Tesla wasn’t showed, or acknowledged in some history textbooks, which is also sad, because I loved Tesla’s tech, and I want to see him in the books, but he wasn’t here, not even in a footnote….and it only seems that Edison was in every book, where its mostly because of the practical inventions he made are useful, and the only practical thing that Tesla made was pioneering/advertising AC power. even that wasn’t in the book. another thing that its ironic is that to be honest, even history books can be biased. before I got history classes, I do not think they were biased at all, until my history teachers said that some history books were biased as the same as the internet, he proved to us for the subject: Hermando Cortez meets Moctezuma, where there were outcomes on how they met, and the history books only used one.

    • Yes, absolutely. If we have to talk about betrayal in the name of corporate interests, we must talk about J.P Morgan. Money was literally his livelihood. But don’t forget about Westinghouse who was also a very very shady character and dabbled in business for profit and profit only. Even Tesla knew this when they became business partners. And Tesla in my opinion was too good for Westinghouse. As was every other inventor in the world at the time. Westinghouse stole ALL of the glory for his employees inventions, as where Edison personally congratulated his staff at almost every speech he made. And yes, Westinghouse as you I’m sure know was a rat and took all credit for tesla’s achievements. That is reality. Edison was not the first to propose the idea of the electric chair. And I must ask you as a person, if your million dollar business that you worked most of your life for and worked day and night to perfect and fix everyday of your life was about to be put under, would you sit there and let it happen, or would you at least try to keep it afloat in every way possible? That’s something people don’t think about. Put yourself in Edison’s shoes at the time and tell me you would not do the same thing. Because I know Damn well anyone would have if they were in the same position. Even Tesla.

    • I as well believe it to be absurd that Tesla is not mentioned in history books. The ones who do not mention him are obviously not worth reading because you know that they are not accurate. And that is a problem. But an even bigger problem is how tesla is being mentioned in some text books. He is being mentioned as stolen from by Edison, which is ridiculous in the extreme. He is definitely recognisable enough to be in history books.

    • mega4525 says:

      yep, the Westinghouse was bad as J.P Morgan. and I need some details about the sentence that you posted:”..But an even bigger problem is how tesla is being mentioned in some text books. He is being mentioned as stolen from by Edison..”I don’t get it, unless you meant he is only mentioned as a footnote,etc.

    • mega4525 says:

      and you also know why I like Tesla over Edison based on the Tesla’s tech, not the culture myth thing, but the existing, common to rarest, ether practical or not, Tesla’s inventions

    • Tesla is mentioned in some books of education. I’ve seen it in both history and English books. But the real problem is that the a couple I have seen outright say that Edison stole from Tesla. I can tell you definitely that Edison stole nothing from Tesla. Edison did not agree with Tesla on a lot of things. Therefore he would not steal anything from Tesla.

    • My kids textbooks had Tesla in them. And that was the eighties.

    • mega4525 says:

      this is true, one example was that Edison always relied on the DC system, and doesn’t want AC to be publicly used, or else he will lose money.

    • mega4525 says:

      And here’s the final question, why were you so “biased” when you make your very first post(October 22), where it seems you hate Tesla very much, and calling him a bastard, and even said this:” I am super tired of hearing about how tesla invented a shitload of worthless nonsense that he did not even invent nor perfect!”Yes, I know its a loop to where we started, however, it still pains me that you said that. Even though I did point out the stuff he actually did, and you did stated the myths. And in fact, the entire article name was a joke/mockery, and an Insult because Tesla has a worst disability, and so its like calling people with a disability dumb, …It should be called:”The real Truth of Tesla, and debunking the Myths of TheOatmeal claims”, may be long, but not as insulting.
      P.S: I am Autistic, yet start to build stuff.

    • mega4525 says:

      I also want to mention that once again, it seems like you treated me as a joke, and calling me a dumb-ass/ignorant, when in reality, I want to talk to you about the stuff Tesla has really made, and prove that Tesla isn’t that useless at all, by the good sources found on the internet, as well as the inventions. I also want to point out that one of the poets claimed that “they need some Edisons, and some Teslas”, which deserves a mention.

    • mega4525 says:

      PPS: my mind wasn’t some generic crap of Marshmallow and bunnies and cotton like any others, not even figurative. as you stated:”You are living a lie. And that’s that. Sorry to sock it to you kid, “you live in marshmallow dreams on clouds of cotton”. Absolutely fake and unreal.”, no, my fantasy was HELL, chaos, and complexity dreams, and it seems that me and Tesla has one thing in common, well, just barely, and I do not lie! all thanks to my Disability! (which was a good thing for me sometimes)

    • mega4525 says:

      here’s what I meant, when it feels like something is done, there’s an infinite things to do.

    • mega4525 says:

      THE POSTS IS OUT OF ORDER(literally), some kind of glitch?

  9. Growuptherekiller, that idiot, is protecting Tesla, yet he could not even spell his name correctly! Dumbass!

  10. mega4525 says:


  11. My God … You fuckers sure are passionate on this topic! 😛

    Tesla was an inventor. Like all inventors, he had some good ideas and some lousy ones. His idea to control a model boat using radio was pretty clever. The Tesla turbine is also pretty cool. He obviously contributed heavily in the development of radio and electrical power.

    At the same time, some of his more famous inventions, like the Tesla coil, really have no use, and he tends to be credited for far more than is reasonable. Many of his patented ideas are downright dumb, like the vertical take-off airplane, which if you look at the designs it will be pretty obvious to you that the thing would have flown like an anvil. Tesla was a success in some areas and a failure in others. Some people seem to think he competed somehow with Einstein: He didn’t. Einstein’s areas of achievement were in gravity and relativity — things that Tesla really wasn’t involved with.

    The thing is, I really don’t understand the zealotry when it comes to Tesla. It’s not reasonable to take an extreme position here: He wasn’t the world’s greatest inventor and he wasn’t the world’s worst inventor. He was somewhere in between. Everything invented by Tesla would have been invented by somebody else if Tesla didn’t exist, and the same holds true of Edison. All scientists and all inventors build on the work of others. They make their contributions, sometimes great, sometimes not, and then another scientist or inventor comes along later and builds on that. None of these guys are gods, which is why I find the whole Tesla love thing to be pretty silly.

    • Well put my friend, well put. I’m just tired of having to hear about Tesla every single time Edison is talked about. It’s sickening. We often have Tesla kooks come to the museum and try to correct our tour guides and demonstrators. It gets really annoying. They all leave with a different perspective on the subject. That’s because we show those people the lists of Edison patents and photocopied pictures of Edison’s personal notebooks that are sighted and dated by him. Once it is proven to them that Edison was not a greedy invention troll and that he himself contributed just as much if not more than his workers, they begin to feel foolish and get somewhat embarrassed. And Edison never failed to give his workers credit, listen to some of his speeches. I’m just glad people like you are helping to break the myth. Tesla was a fine man, but he was a lunatic and had some really truly ridiculous thoughts. Well put.

    • mega4525 says:

      agreed. and really, the article’s title is very bad, and the posts are out of order

    • mega4525 says:

      lets just say one thing though, I personally like Tesla more than Edison, not because of the pop culture, or even the Tesla coils(well, at bit), but because he was literally a man before his time, and i really mean that the technology that he made was somehow far superior to the Edison’s inventions, let alone others, such as the remote control boat, which was more of an invention than the idea, and looks better than Edison’s black box(see what I mean?), and the turbine that was low on torque, but WAY efficient than the standard engines. the wireless energy, not radio waves, was debatable, even though he demonstrated it. And he did what no man has ever done while being crazy, such as trying to build the Tesla tower, as he really want to give us energy all over. so yeah, I only wished his lab wasn’t burned, or needed more support, besides, I hate how Edison treats him with a joke: the $50k, as it was an American humour, which sickens me. and the war of the currents. however, Tesla was treated as a god, only unnecessary , where its starts to get dumb, and people are making myths, like he invented the transformer, which was false, though the only thing closer is the Tesla coil, where it shares the same rules as the transformer, being that it has a primary and a secondary coil, but it came out after the real transformer was invented. there were several myths that for me, don’t make scene, mostly from TheOatmeal poster, like he invented X-rays…..well, F**K Matt

    • mega4525 says:

      I also hate the article too, mostly, it seems like you don’t care about Tesla at all, saying he’s a loser, and an idiot(my goodness), when you forgot to see the good inventions, and speak out, and I have to bring it out, and the article seems to be about Matt’s view of Nikola Tesla rather than Tesla himself as a bio. even the name doesn’t make sense. also, some the comments said that, “I don’t care about Tesla and his shitty AC system, all I know is that I was running on DC devices, where it uses the DC system by Edison”, OK, maybe i exaggerated a bit, but you know what I mean! all I know is that yes, some devices uses DC, but we are using the AC as a “source”, and it was converted to DC so that some devices can use it as a “fuel”. like the human body! what happens when you take away the “source”? then you will need to find it yourself, and some devices needed AC as both a source/fuel altogether.
      P.S, the tesla coil does have some uses, just keep reserching
      P.P.S, please change the fucking TITLE!

    • mega4525 says:

      I also want to show you my post that Baily thinks i was living in marshmallows and stuff: “PPS: my mind wasn’t some generic crap of Marshmallow and bunnies and cotton like any others, not even figurative. as you stated:”You are living a lie. And that’s that. Sorry to sock it to you kid, “you live in marshmallow dreams on clouds of cotton”. Absolutely fake and unreal.”, no, my fantasy was HELL, chaos, and complexity dreams, and it seems that me and Tesla has one thing in common, well, just barely, and I do not lie! all thanks to my Disability! (which was a good thing for me sometimes)”

    • +Mega4525, I am now contesting to your statements because they are out of line. Edison was a man before his time in many ways. Like fuel cell technology. And a host of other experiments and inventions that preceded the inventors credited. So no, Tesla was not the only inventor of the time ahead of their time. A and actually, no man or woman is ahead of their time. In fact, they are in their time, not ahead of it, that makes no sense.

    • mega4525 says:

      i see what you mean, however, the phase, “a man after(ahead) of his time” means that in an inventor’s hindsight, he/she have done something that was futuristic, or at least, an invention that looked like that was in the future, or where it made the other present invention obsolete. Take for example, the Tesla turbine, where it was proven to be far superior than even a piston engine: however, like all tesla inventions (except the pioneered AC current), it has potential, but did not find commercial success due to the existing technology and people don’t want to change it. like the power glove, used for the NES systems(well advanced, but flawed, you will see what I mean), it seems like people cared for money than true uses/reserches, where its starting to be a problem.

    • mega4525 says:

      also, in just one major question, who invented, or pioneered radio in the first place? there were many answers to who came first, Tesla, or Marconi?
      i’m pretty sure u can summarize it:
      P.S, i see that Tesla did not invented the AC motor first, but it doesn’t matter for the public eye anyways, which was a shame
      you should see this:
      Myth 2: while its true that he did not invent the first transformer, he created the Tesla coil, which is essentially an air-core transformer (Resonant transformer), that has a different task, so technically he did, but on a different type.
      Myth 3: (once again)the induction coil that Tesla created was a different project called the Tesla coil, which was created in 1891.
      Myth 4: who the fuck came up with that myth?

    • +mega4525, Did you know that the whole fifty thousand dollar thing NEVER happened? And actually, Edison did not treat Tesla as a joke. Edison and Tesla both simultaneously worked together through the years. And Edison offered to buy a new lab for Tesla when his burned. Sooooooooo………

    • mega4525 says:

      if the $50k thing never happened, then why did it appear on every source?
      also, who really invented radio? i have the sources showned

    • It’s been proven it never happened according to witnesses and the fact that Tesla actually later admitted that it never happened. And it’s on every source because it’s a myth. I thought you weren’t into that?

    • mega4525 says:

      so the $50k thing didn’t exist? and however, you said that edison dosen’t want to give Tesla the money for his inventions (and even his AC system) as it was too impractical? not to mention, the current of war exists. and there’s even a video of Topsy the elephant being electrocuted, to Prove that AC is dangerous, but now, we were using AC as a current source

    • mega4525 says:

      also, please check out Brainpop, where the site may be for kids, but its really informative, where in the Science section, they have some important people in history, and that includes Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. plz post your thoughts on a different post

  12. mega4525 says:

    also, even the fuel cell is not efficient enough to beat the Tesla turbine

    • How about the Edison carbon transmitter which is of his design and is still the top technology in the field of voice transmission? Or the microtasimeter? There are too many to list that Edison invented and his exact design is still used today because there is no better way yet discovered. Look around. Just about everything you see is the result of the hand of Edison. Your television and radio both use the improvements of Thomas Edison. Your appliances. Your refrigerator. The megaphone. And do you know Seri? Hand of Edison.

    • mega4525 says:

      um, seri? do u mean Siri?

    • mega4525 says:

      also, some semiconductor devices were not made by edison, such as the transistor

    • Might I also add that the design of the X-Ray still used is Edison’s.

    • Your switches and sockets. Records are starting to be used again because they actually can have better sound than the CD or iPod. Solar energy was something Edison held dearly and hoped the world would in future years harness it for FREE. We are still working on making solar energy a practical means of lightning and energy source. It’s a waste to waste the sun’s energy, there’s too much of it to not take advantage of it.

    • mega4525 says:

      very true, digital music didn’t take all the sound bits, so it kinda sounds incomplete, but any analog devices can create a Whole sound, if you know what I mean.and wait, when the sources say that Edison wanted to have solar energy?, I never heard anything like that that at all, even when researching, and Matt’s poster’s was not one of them. plus, Tesla cared for us even more, because the proof is the Wardenclyffe Tower, but it failed…
      i wanna repost this: “and what about the radio control? its already obvious. And due to the fact we are using Tesla’s AC system as a SOURCE, and some devices converts its as a Edison’s DC system as a fuel.
      I also just found out that the Tesla coils were used in 100 motion picture films of Frankenstein, which shows that they are “commercially” practical for something. also, I just looked around in my room, and I only see a computer, a mini Hubsan drone, a speaker, and my mini SSTC with a reciving coil w/ 3 leds, do you really think that Edison ivented all that, or at least, discovered it first, and i’m not trying to be ignorant, because the truth is right in my face(literally). after all:”They’re different inventors, but you can’t really say one is greater, because American society needs some Edisons and it needs some Teslas” said W. Bernard Carlson”

    • Yes, Edison quoted that solar energy should be used a a free and reliable source of energy, as it is a waste to pass up all that free and reliable energy.

    • “We are all like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy, Sun, wind, and water. I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

      Thomas.A.Edison – 1931

    • mega4525 says:

      wow…..that’s….(place judgemental word here). and also, I need to ask you a controversy, yet confusing question, who invented the radio First, or at least pioneered it?here’s my repost:”also, in just one major question, who invented, or pioneered radio in the first place? there were many answers to who came first, Tesla, or Marconi?
      i’m pretty sure u can summarize it:
      P.S, i see that Tesla did not invented the AC motor first, but it doesn’t matter for the public eye anyways, which was a shame.
      you should see this:
      Myth 2: while its true that he did not invent the first transformer, he created the Tesla coil, which is essentially an air-core transformer (Resonant transformer), that has a different task, so technically he did, but on a different type.
      Myth 3: (once again)the induction coil that Tesla created was a different project called the Tesla coil, which was created in 1891.
      Myth 4: who the fuck came up with that myth?”
      And also, who invented the first wireless device, or at least discovered wireless energy, and I’m not talking about the radio waves that does transmissions, I’m talking about these waves that can give out ELECTRICITY wirelessly, as I know that Tesla demonstrated the wireless energy by lighting up the florescent tubes on a certain distance, THAT wireless energy.

  13. mega4525 says:

    and what about the radio control? its already obvious. And due to the fact we are using Tesla’s AC system as a SOURCE, and some devices converts its as a Edison’s DC system as a fuel.
    I also just found out that the Tesla coils were used in 100 motion picture films of Frankenstein, which shows that they are “commercially” practical for something. also, I just looked around in my room, and I only see a computer, a mini Hubsan drone, a speaker, and my mini SSTC with a reciving coil w/ 3 leds, do you really think that Edison ivented all that, or at least, discovered it first, and i’m not trying to be ignorant, because the truth is right in my face(literally). after all:”They’re different inventors, but you can’t really say one is greater, because American society needs some Edisons and it needs some Teslas” said W. Bernard Carlson

  14. mega4525 says:

    this will be my last post here, and I almost forgot. if Edison, the popular engineer/businessman that was recognized my many others back in the day than Tesla, why in the world do he not have a SI unit by his name? yet Tesla does:(T)=standard unit of magnetic flux density.

  15. And I don’t know why he even has an SI unit by his name. Probably because the myths command that he discovered the rotating magnetic field. He didn’t, Sooooooooo……………………………………

    • mega4525 says:

      well, look at the Tesla coil, turns out that Tesla is a visionary guy

    • mega4525 says:

      also, I spotted you on the comments you made on Tesla’s documentary by PBS, which you claim to said that this is a stupid documentary. I find it disrespectful, as it points out the stuff he actually did, and even shows the cons on Tesla, and the documentary was made in 2000, as in 11-13 years BEFORE Matt made Tesla popular….

    • mega4525 says:

      also, the another guy who discovered the rotating magnetic field is the same guy on the AC motor: Galileo Ferraris

    • mega4525 says:

      also, Tesla’s Egg of Columbus, a device-which was a demonstration of the rotating magnetic field, and doesn’t seem that Ferraris invented it at all

  16. mega4525 says:

    well, at least no one was like: “Everyone is leaving comments about how suckish Edison is– ITS TESLA WHO SUCKS! Don’t you see?!?! You guys are wasting your time on that amateur– it’s Edison who’s better. I say that AC is better because it’s cheaper to use–but really. Edison was, overall, the better inventor. What did Tesla do other than invent AC and try to sabotage Edison? Nothing.”-kitten, 3 years ago. or anything that said that Tesla didn’t invent anything. it literally makes the crazy Tesla fan look like a professional researcher!

  17. mega4525 says:

    final conclusion: Tesla is overrated due to the myths that shows that Tesla invented it, when in reality, he obviously didn’t invent any of these, like the loudspeaker, etc. However, at the same time, he was also underrated at the same time, where no one seem to know about Tesla, and yet Tesla was literally a man ahead of his time, from designing the worlds first RC device, where it was more of a legend than a “clever idea”, and was the father of radio astronomy (by accident), due to the fact that the Magnifier Transmitter detected the radio waves from outer space, by 1, 2, 3. he worked on the wireless energy experiments (even radio), using his own iconic invention, the Tesla coil, and many more!

    These inventions alone made Thomas Edison’s inventions look old in a bad way, and the Tesla’s much practical AC bough’s Edison’s DC down forever in the 1800-1900s

    I do not use the articles as a source, like the controversial THEOATMEAL article (though it was right at some points), I used PBS, the station that DOESN’T fuck around, and Brainpop!

    • mega4525 says:

      Also, upon closer inspection, turns out he was doing radio development first than Marconi, where marconi’s looks very simular to tesla’s first radio design, and tesla’s 17 inventions may be something, more than just “wire”, etc. and Bailey, I do not like your trolling attatude in YouTube that you said that tesla is stupid,etc.

    • What is your real name

    • mega4525 says:

      David Truong….I’m not surprised anyways, I seen you, and you make childish-like behavior on YouTube.

  18. mega4525 says:

    You took it too far Baily……(you are right about the things that someone invented the AC motor before Tesla)…but you……

  19. mega4525 says:

    and this: (you can’t fuck around with institute schools)
    ironically, i was only looking up on the world’s FIRST motor, which was created by Micheal Faraday, another favorite engineer that I liked also.

  20. Hasan Vrana says:

    omg i can’t beleive this. no matter what kind of person tesla was, his main idea was to give free energy to all and second most important detail to me is that tesla was 1st to send information without wire(think about it). some of u don’t deserve to say his name.

    • Wrongo!! Edison was the first in a host of others to patent a working wireless telegraphy system. Before Tesla.

    • mega4525 says:

      do u have the patent number?
      I also need to discuss you about the behavior on youtube

    • mega4525 says:

      also, who did the FIRST experiments on wireless energy (not radio waves) that can power up something without wires

    • But Tesla couldn’t do it. We are discussing a guy here who claimed he could split the earth like an Apple. Who claimed he could hear thunderclaps from five hundred miles away. Who claimed he could hear a time piece ticking in another dimension. Who intimately loved a pigeon. He was insane and a liar.

    • The patent number for Edison’s wireless telegraphy is 465,971 according to my enormous patent registry books. I didn’t reply last time because no one was understanding my points.

    • It was not Tesla who was the first for wireless Mr Truong. It was not even Edison. I’d give you an answer if the history of it all wasn’t to Rocky and uncertain.

    • mega4525 says:

      the closest i can find for the first wireless system is Michael Faraday

  21. mega4525 says:

    the post is now dead…as concluded

  22. mega4525 says:

    To end it once and for all, Tesla created a new technology for wireless transmissions, just after Micheal Faraday, but made it 9000+ times better.

  23. jgraves2048 says:

    Thomas Edison was the idiot cause he claimed the light bulb and A/C as his complete own that’s the reason.

    • Wrongo!! Edison never claimed the incandescent lamp. And alternating current was not tesla’s, as a statement of fact, it was invented before he was born. Go back to kindergarten

  24. Russ G Case says:

    Your a fuckn complete idiot!

    • If he were an idiot, he wouldn’t be so intelligent. You just can’t understand that Tesla was nothing special and was a complete lunatic retard. His ideas were foolish. He had an uncanny knack to be the first at everything. And that’s why he was stupid. PERIOD. He was a failure at nearly all, and that is fact. He was a liar. He did not invent the radio, so don’t get me started.

  25. Steve says:

    You sir are a moron. Tesla was infact a genius and that you dont see that leaves me to believe you have never experienced his genius first hand. Moron, I say.

  26. John says:

    Yes and all of this from a zombie website lol.

    • Zombie website?

      It’s true that I haven’t made a post here in quite some time, but if this were a “zombie website” there would have been nobody around to get your worthless comment out of the moderation queue.

  27. Krista says:

    Wow, some of you are being pretty hard on an obviously intelligent 15 year old CHILD. I would not be calling a child a fucker and referencing older, wrinkled balls, followed by telling everybody that you are a HARVARD grad, and so very intelligent. I am actually given a glimmer of hope that teens exist that would rather learn than post another selfie to whatever mind numbing social media site they are curretly addicted to. Tesla was a genius. I say this because in my opinion, true genius is not about how much the individual gains from the contributions made, it is how much everybody else gains from the contributions made. Not many of those have, or ever will exist. When they do come along, a bit of respect is due. Unfortunately, like geniuses, respectful, kind, humble people are, and always will be, in very short supply.

  28. mega4525 says:

    great………..the site is active…

  29. John Rambo says:

    People care about non-issues such as these?

  30. herb says:

    Okay so he was a little flaky about some stuff. What’s better …????a bit flakey Or …an a complete asshole but you know TAE was. Eccentricities are more stimulating than a capitalist corporate Raider.
    Even historians say George Westinghouse what’s an amazing man and great to his workers and not taking credit for other people’s his workers patents are you going to deny radio control and the radio itself as Tesla invention. And a lot of people fall in love with pigeons

  31. creepypete says:

    The people bad-mouthing George Westinghouse here don’t know what the hell they are talking about. The AFL praised Westinghouse for the way he treated his employees and NOT what is stated here… he gave credit to his inventors ..Edison was the one that did not!! Edison took credit for their patents.
    What about when Berliner arrived in Washington DC from Germany to patent is Gramaphone??? TAE shows up with his wax cylinder phonograph insisting that his is better. Everybody was laughing at him because he was a dork…. not a misunderstood genius. Berliner got Enrico Caruso among others to record on his record discs.. Edison goes back home and it recreates the gramaphone… puts the word phonograph on it… and the name Edison on it…. and act like he invented it!! He was a just a creep ……you guys are liars

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