Good News! — Good News! — Good News!

As I reported previously, Xtranormal, the maker of the animation software I use for the Trustus Pharmaceuticals family of videos, went out of business. The software became nonfunctional once Xtranormal closed their doors, and I wasn’t able to find a satisfactory replacement.

The remnants of Xtranormal were purchased by a company called nawmal, and until as recently as maybe two or three days ago, the former Xtranormal website was occupied by a nawmal placeholder and the information there stated that the future of the animation software was uncertain.

I just discovered a moment ago, however, that nawmal has recently updated the website, and it is looking exciting! Among the many interesting things now there is this note, front and center: was recently acquired by nawmal, ltd.
We at nawmal are working hard to get you back making movies, and will be changing some of the things that many movie-makers using xtranormal found frustrating:

No more losing the movie maker

No more losing the characters that some of you had bought

No more losing the movies that you had made

So, it looks like there will perhaps be a few more videos in the series after all. 🙂

Oh Heidi! I’m coming for you, Heidi! *Cackle!*

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