More on Google Suckage

There have been a few hyperventilating news articles about Google lately, such as Google Beats Apple As BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brand.

But Google is still Shitty!

I have been using this blog as a convenient place to write all manner of content, some of which may never appear here. Sometimes I leave things as drafts, and sometimes I schedule posts for the year 2025. The other day, I needed to take an unpublished post and convert it to manuscript form, and I thought I would use Google Docs. Nice and convenient, right? Just copy-paste, change fonts, change margins, done.

Not quite. As I discovered, Google Docs lacks such basic functionality as the ability to format headers, or even specify a different header for a first page. You need some control over headers if you’re writing a manuscript, so basically Google Docs is completely useless for that. Figures.

And yet, Google Beats Apple As BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brand!!! ZOMG!

Really!? Google Docs can’t be used to write the most basic of manuscripts, and Google Sheets can’t add two numbers together, but Google is the “most valuable global brand”?

Google is also encrypting search terms these days to give an illusion of privacy. But all that really means is that, if you have a blog and are interested in knowing what people search for to arrive at it, you’re shit out of luck. Advertisers, though, are exempt. Anytime I do a Google search that leads me to some product, it seems that all I see in the margins of web pages for weeks after are advertisements for that particular product. Think that’s a coincidence? After writing this post which included a link to tungsten weights at that I had found through Google, I saw advertisements for tungsten everywhere I went. Tungsten! It’s just not the kind of thing you expect to see advertised on Facebook or in the sidebar of Huffington Post. So, as far as encrypting search terms go, Google is saying “fuck you” to bloggers while handing the keys to your ass to advertisers and the NSA.

Google, a company that is bigger than Walmart, is now more valuable than Apple as a brand. According to that Forbes article I linked to at the start of this post, Microsoft as a brand is ranked #4 (after Google, Apple, and IBM). While I’m not exactly a fervent Microsoft enthusiast either, I’ll say this for them: Microsoft Excel can add two numbers together, and Microsoft Word can be used to write a manuscript.

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