Time Travel & The Grassy Knoll

If it were possible to travel backwards in time, this is what Dealey Plaza and the Grassy Knoll would have looked like on November 22, 1963:


Actually, it would probably have been a lot more crowded than that picture. Those people would be the time tourists from every day in the year 2114 … and 2115, and 2116 … etc.

Imagine all the people who go to Disneyland on just one day in the Summer. Imagine sending all of those people to one time and place in the past like … the Grassy Knoll, for example. Then, send all the tourists from Disneyland on the next day to the Grassy Knoll. Do that for every day during the year that Disneyland is open, and then do it the next year and the next for maybe a hundred years. That’s how crowded the Grassy Knoll would have been.

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2 Responses to Time Travel & The Grassy Knoll

  1. Michael Corelone says:

    The Green Card Man advises against this!!


    • LOL!

      I always imagined the Grassy Knoll, along with other historically important sites, as being overrun by Japanese tourists with cameras and wearing brightly colored floral shirts. Of course, the tourists alone would be enough to cause them to change the Presidents route, which would avert the shooting, which would mean there would be no tourists, which would mean …..

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