The Creeping Slime Mold That Is Spam

Last month, I posted a short story called Sputnik The Alien Spambot. It’s kind of a weird story about an alien probe that lands on Earth and has a bit of a problem with spam. Anyway, it turns out that Sputnik The Alien Spambot is a freakin’ spam magnet. The text of the latest spam comment to have made it past my spam filter for that post reads as follows:

Arrange whole berries in tart shells and spoon glaze over berries. Peel, core, and cut apples into quarters or wedges, depending around the size in the apple.

No direct light, water once a week or less often when the conditions require and keeping the plant in a pot that enables room for your roots to breathe and grow the plant larger. Nonetheless, if springtime is much from now, it may still plant your rose in the summer.

But that’s not the fun part. The fun part is this: Out of curiosity, I copied the first line (“Arrange whole berries in tart shells and spoon glaze”) and pasted it into Google with the quotation marks so as to search for exact matches to the phrase. Google found 26,900 unique hit for the phrase, and each and everyone is a front site for spam. Many of them appear to have been shut down, but many are functional. Many of them are blogs; others are disguised as news sites or related. All of them are pure gibberish. That’s 26,900 gibberish websites just by searching for one lousy phrase!

Spam Advert

Game over man! It’s all over! Spam has taken over. 😦

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