Colombian Crotch Fashion

In case anyone has missed it, a Colombian Women’s Cycling Team has been shaking up Europe this week. Apparently that flesh-colored midsection in the photo is actually “gold”. Amusingly, the lighting for this photo casts just a touch of shadow in the right place to suggest bush.

Colombia  cycle teams.jpg

Right about now, I feel compelled to put on my best Borat impersonation and say “Very Nice!”

But what, there’s more! The Male Cycling Team was not sparred humiliation. Check out the giant clam shells that these guys appear to be wearing for codpieces:

Colombia  cycle teams.jpg

Do those guys have “packages” or what?

Rumor has it that the fashion designer responsible for these crotches likes to paint Jesus monkeys in his spare time:


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8 Responses to Colombian Crotch Fashion

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Aren’t those hideous? What were the designers thinking? It’s so awful, it’s funny. Really funny.

  2. notneurotic says:

    So hilarious! Seriously laughing out loud! Where can I get a Jesus monkey?

  3. draliman says:

    I saw the picture of the women’s team yesterday and had a bit of a giggle! I always felt a bit sorry for the poor old woman who tried to restore Jesus to his former glory, though 😦

  4. globetrotter says:

    Had anyone outside of Colombia ever heard they have a women’s cycling team? The whole world knows now. Hey awhile ago you had a teaser about a new video, any update? Gosh knows they have provided you plenty of fodder since the last one.

    • I just hope whatever crazy person designed those uniforms doesn’t meet the same fate as that Colombian goalie who was murdered twenty years ago ( Fucking up doesn’t seem to be very tolerated down there.

      I check periodically to see if the revamped software package is available yet, but so far it isn’t. The problem is that the old company designed the software so that it’s not functional if you aren’t logged in. Since that company folded, their software is useless. Hopefully within a few months there will be a revamped animation package that I can work with.

      I’ve considered alternatives to Xtranormal as well, but none of them are really that appealing for producing office environment parodies. I just have to cross my fingers and hope that the new company pulls through and produces something I can use.

      And yeah … our crazy-ass former place of employment continues to be a gold mine in terms of perpetual fuck-up fodder. Back in the day, I’m sure we had our share of problems, but we did actually produce products there, and generally dealt with issues like intelligent human beings. That seems to be a trait that is lacking in the current management.

  5. globetrotter says:

    I agree. Good luck finding the software

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