About ZombieSymmetry

This blog started out as Trustus Pharmaceuticals – a supporting blog for my Youtube channel of satirical animations that parody the pharmaceutical industry and process development within the industry.

That has changed though.  A blog about a Youtube channel is actually fairly limiting.  What do you say in such a blog, other than:  “Here’s a link to a new video!”  It’s even more limiting when you take a long hiatus from video production.  What’s the point, really?

I span a broad range of subjects on this blog, but my goal is to gradually narrow the focus to personal fiction and science fiction short stories, novella, and serial novels. I’m also using this blog to tell a few anecdotal stories that I think have some value or meaning or lesson to be learned. I welcome critics, but I don’t expect there will be much of an audience here. What is one more voice is a endless sea of self-proclaimed experts on all things real and imaginary?  There are seven billion people on the planet as I write.  Seven billion voices.  I don’t imagine mine will be heard above the din. But that’s what we all want, isn’t it? That’s why people write blogs — To be heard above the din. To have some relevance. To mean something. To have a legacy so that, when we are gone, we’ll have impacted the world in some way and made a difference; to have left an impression behind to remind the world that we existed. To be remembered.

I’m out of the pharma business now. I have a Ph.D. in chemistry and did a postdoctoral stint in a prestigious lab before spending several years in pharmaceutical process development for a major pharmaceutical company. When the company announced they were selling our site (they changed their minds on that after I was gone), I took the opportunity to reevaluate my life. Will I have that legacy that I spoke of in the preceding paragraph? I’m trying to write, because it’s actually something I enjoy and I feel that for once in my life I’m doing things for myself and not to please others or because I think that’s what I’m ‘supposed’ to do. But I also procrastinate like hell and have honestly not written as much as I should have since leaving pharma. This blog that you are now reading is my discipline. I’m writing stories, mostly fiction, for publication. But when I’m not working on those things, either because I’m procrastinating or because I’m struggling for ideas, I’ll write content here. Hopefully, one or two people out of the world’s seven billion will find it entertaining. 🙂

– ZombieSymmetry

5 Responses to About ZombieSymmetry

  1. Parker says:

    Love the Trustus videos. My company is going through all of the same “paradigm” shift bs. This stuff is spot on. You have filled me with laughter.

  2. Mike Stanger says:

    Trust me, more than one or two people are finding your stuff entertaining. Keep it up!

  3. AnnIsikArts says:

    Glad you decided to take the road less travelled. I think you mean ‘preceding’ rather than ‘proceeding’ in paragraph two. Sorry, I’m a proofreader! 🙂

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