About Trustus Pharmaceuticals

This is the “About” page for the Trustus Pharmaceuticals family of videos. It offers some backstory to the videos. If you are looking instead for an “About” page for this blog as a whole, of which the videos are a part, please see About ZombieSymmetry.

Trustus Pharmaceuticals is an entirely imaginary pharmaceutical company.  It is the corporate setting of a series of satirical animated videos that I’ve made, based on my experience in the industry.  The main characters of the videos are employees of Trustus at a small backwater plant where they are mostly involved in development, clinical supply, and manufacturing activities.  Although the site is small, the local site manager has decided they are the “Flagship” of the company.

The cast of Trustus Pharmaceuticals are all based (loosely) on real people, with the exception of Heidi, the local site manager.  I no longer work at the site on which Trustus is based.  Humorously, many of the people who now work there (largely contractors and consultants who have descended on the site from all over the world) have come to believe that Heidi was a real person who was once the site manager!  Not!

Heidi starred in the original video, The Future of Pharma.  At the time, I had no intention of basing any of the characters on real people, and so Heidi was simply fabricated.  Mike also starred in that first video (named “Bob” in a previous version).  In the second video of the series, The Cause Map, I began to loosely base the characters on real people.  Mike, Bob, and the others were all easily matched to real-life counterparts.  Heidi, not so much. She has no real-life counterpart.  If anything, Heidi is an amalgam of all the features I find particularly distasteful in managers, magnified an order of magnitude or two.  Of course, just because the others are loosely based on real people, it doesn’t mean the real-life counterparts are anything like the caricatures I’ve turned them into.  None of the real people are as nutty as their animated counterparts.

I’ve included with this site a “follow” option over there in the sidebar.  This will effectively give anyone interested in updates (e.g. new “Trustus” videos) a second (alternate) method of subscribing to the same content as you get with the traditional Youtube subscription. Personally, I find the WordPress “follow” option more straight forward and the emails less cluttered than the Youtube / Google+ option. In any event, neither option will bog down your mailbox with Trustus spam … I’m not that prolific!

– ZombieSymmetry

1 Response to About Trustus Pharmaceuticals

  1. These videos are sooo good it is incredible. These videos should be required training for anyone involved in CM&C in the pharmaceutical industry!

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