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Big Big Badda Boom!

So how come nobody is talking about the giant extinction event that the Earth is just barely gonna avoid on Thursday? 🙂 Asteroid 1999 FN53 will be whizzing past the Earth on Thursday, May 14 and will miss us by about 3 … Continue reading

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When Your Signal to Noise Ratio Sucks

For several years, Australia’s Parkes Observatory has been detecting sporadic, mysterious radio bursts that appeared to emanate from deep space. Last month, it was reported that this mystery has now been solved. Apparently, the folks at the observatory would sometimes open the microwave oven … Continue reading

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“NASA” Invents Steampunk EM Engine Powered by Unicornium Lulz

The Intertubes lit up last night with a reported successful test at NASA’s Johnson Space Center of an electromagnetic (EM) propulsion drive. The drive is said to operate by pushing against virtual particles, meaning that it requires no reaction mass be expelled … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Even Awake At NASA?

What is wrong with this picture? That is the cartoon created by NASA/JPL showing the trajectory of asteroid 2014 RC as it makes its close approach to Earth on September 7, 2014 (i.e. this Sunday). Click the link there to … Continue reading

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Cure For Everything Now Patented!

Got a bat-shit crazy idea? Do you tend to ramble incoherently? Then you need write a patent! No worries — the US patent office will accept anything, no matter how crazy it is. Case in point: US Patent No. 8,609,158 … Continue reading

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I Fouwned The Moist Miss Speiled 4um On The InterTOOB!!!

I was browsing around VICE bright and early this morning when I stopped to read this article on the Flat Earth Society. It’s an interview and it’s pretty interesting. Among the things I learned this morning: The Sun and Moon … Continue reading

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Back In The Day: My HIGHLY LETHAL Latin Class Projects

Yet another asinine “zero tolerance” story caught my eye this morning: A kid in Georgia was suspended for bringing a Nerf gun to school. Fucking hell. Some of the stuff I did when I was a kid back in the … Continue reading

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ScienceNews Magazine Thinks The Onion is Peer-Reviewed

An article appeared this past week on ScienceNews titled “Schadenfreude starts young.” The gist of the article is that being an asshole starts in childhood (Schadenfreude is the pleasure derived in the misfortune of others). Interestingly, the first version of … Continue reading

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NASA’s Alcubierre-White Warp Drive & WTF?

I love this stuff, but seriously … WTF? The internet has been having frothy multiple orgasms all week over yet another NASA public relations stunt. The big accomplishment is that they hired artist Mark Rademaker to create really really sexy pictures … Continue reading

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Science Heroes

Everybody has heroes. This post may ramble a bit, but my goal is to look at what it means to call someone your ‘hero’. While this post isn’t meant to be specifically about my heroes, I’d like to begin by mentioning my … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Chemistry

I ordered some Soylent this morning … No, not Soylent Green. That would be made out of people, silly! I ordered Soylent, which is a blend of chemicals designed to serve as a food substitute. Imagine if Ensure were designed by a … Continue reading

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Some Games Are More Than Games

I have a general disdain for most cellphone and Facebook games. When people talk about “Flappy Bird,” I kind of cringe. When I see all the useless posts on Facebook that are generated by Farmville, Candy Crush Saga, and the … Continue reading

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OMFG … Cell Phones DON’T Cause Cancer!

Suppose a guy holds two doctorates in physical sciences from prestigious institutions, has a long history of academic and industrial research, and has published over 200 scientific papers. Can it be assumed he isn’t a bat-shit crazy nut? What about THIS … Continue reading

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The Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature is Mostly Crap

I’ll begin by pointing out that the statement made in the title of this post isn’t merely the crazed opinion of a lunatic blogger. It is in fact the subject of at least one peer-reviewed paper in the scientific literature: Why … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

The conventional use of hydrogen has been a hot topic in recent years since hydrogen is often viewed as an alternative fuel. The more I think of hydrogen and the various problems associated with it’s use, transport, and storage, however, … Continue reading

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