Trustus Pharma Episode Guide

All Trustus Pharmaceuticals videos are listed below.  Clicking on any of the links will open the video in a new window.  Please note that the earlier videos are considerably cruder than the newest ones, since I’ve pretty much learned as I went along with these things. Enjoy!

1 The Future of Pharma
Mike learns his new job in pharmaceuticals is not what he expected.
2 The Cause Map
Bob pressures Mike into a cause map.
3 The Matrix Box
Bob, Mike, and Thimma meet to discuss an alien invader.
4 5S Friday
Bob goes over important 5S pointers with Mike and Thimma.
5 Does It Move?
Bob directs as Ramu and Gary produce a video entitled “Engineering Training Lesson One:  Does it Move?”
6 Trustus Pharmaceuticals – The Cast
As the title implies:  The “cast” of Trustus Pharmaceuticals, an imaginary pharmaceutical development and manufacturing site in which the employees must cope with endless inane “initiatives” and related threats to their sanity.
7 The Flagship Vision
Heidi enlists the services of Oliver to role out “the flagship vision” to the site.  Oliver uses Bob, Mike, and Thimma as a test audience.
8 The New Intern
Jay introduces the new intern / co-op to Bob.
9 The Kilo Nazi
Ramu battles the Kilo Nazi.
10 The Flagship’s Grog!
Gary tastes the flagship’s grog!
11 The New Intern:  Day Two
Pharma Industry Acronym Hell:  The new intern gets her brains scrambled on her second day on the job.
12 The Chocolate Cookie of the Apocalypse
Bob shares some alarming news with his group.
13 STAR-Whacked!
Jodie experiences the joy of the STAR interview.
14 The China Syndrome
Thimma is left in charge of the department as Bob, Mike, and Jodie head to Beijing to audit a raw material vendor.
15 The Paradigm of Awesome!
Heidi roles out a fabulous new initiative in her monthly site update.
16 The Toolbox
Oliver applies the principles of 5S to Steve’s toolbox.
17 We Have Silage!
Heidi has determined that there are silos within Bob’s department, and wants something done about it!
18 King Thimma!
With Heidi out of town, Bob leaves for a business trip to Ireland, leaving Thimma in charge of the site.
19 Shingo Madness!
Heidi wants her site to win the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence.  She asks the employees to study up on the “Shingo Way” and all of its glorious new paradigms in preparation for the “Shingo Month of Madness.”
20 Shingo Glitter
Mike catches Oliver spreading “Shingo Glitter” and decides to have a little fun with him.  Mike tells Oliver that a “Shingo black belt” is a higher level achievement than a lean six sigma master black belt.
21 Your New Fleaker!
Ramu introduces an amazing new piece of wonder-glass:  The Fleaker.
22 Breaking Trustus
Mike ponders his future while hanging out with Thimma.  Should he (a) stay in pharma and learn to embrace Shingo bullshit, (b) break bad, cook “meth” and become a drug lord, (c) become an impoverished satirist, or (d) become a pirate?
23 Red Is Like A Frownie Face
To combat silos, Heidi installs an Operational Excellence “traffic light” to keep the employees updated on the site’s operational status.
24 Pee Pee in the PP
Heidi sees blood when an unknown urinator has defiled the Pilot Plant.
25 Not Another 5S Friday!
Bob goes over the basics of 5S with the department in preparation for another “5S Friday”.
26 The Polo Shirt Kiss of Death
Project shirts arrive just in time for the project to die.  This is a sequel to the video “The Chocolate Cookie of the Apocalypse.”
27 The Cannabis Caper
Petey, the Public Relations Officer, heads up an investigation into a mysterious stash of marijuana found in the administration building of the “Flagship Site” of Trustus Pharmaceuticals.
28 Silo THIS!
Action is taken to deal with a polymorph issue in a clinical supply campaign.
29 I Want My Severance Package!
Mike decides maybe quitting his job is not the best option.
30 It’s A Tumor!
Heidi brings in a Branding Consultant from the company’s US headquarters in South San Francisco to ensure that the site’s decor provides the appropriate motivational message to the employees.
31 Have You Tried that Reaction with Clay?
Bob tries to help Jodie troubleshoot why her reaction isn’t working.
32 Trustus Pharma & the Five Whys of RCA
Heidi encounters Mike in the break room and decides to challenge him to take on a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) project.
33 Up Heidi’s Pipeline!
Heidi, along with her loyal companion Oliver, addresses the employees in one of her customary “Up Heidi’s Pipeline!” announcements.
34 Training Thursdays
In a staff meeting, Bob complains to his group that they are not compliant in their required training.  A number of examples are offered, and the group considers the options
35 Master Chefs & Suicide Nets
This episode is a sequel to “It’s A Tumor!” Lydia (the branding consultant) and Thimma get into a discussion on the cultural differences between the US corporate headquarters and the smaller manufacturing sites.
36 Silence Is Acceptance
Bob’s staff in the Chemical Development department of Trustus Pharmaceuticals have difficulties in getting the approvals they require when issuing reports.  Heidi offers Bob a solution.
37 Fly Shit In The Pepper
On hearing that there may be fly shit in the pepper, Heidi launches a For-Cause Audit to get to the root of the problem.
38 Who’s Up First?
A tribute to the famous Abbott and Costello routine.
39 Bob’s Revenge
Following the previous staff meeting fiasco, Bob exacts revenge on his group, providing a stunningly honest synopsis of the staff meeting that is about to begin.
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Statistics that are probably useless to anyone but me:

Episodes Video Resolution Aspect
1 – 2 480 x 270 16 : 9
3 – 20 1280 x  720 16 : 9
21 – Current 1920 x 1080 16 : 9
(Episodes labeled with episode numbers beginning with episode 20)