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Cure For Everything Now Patented!

Got a bat-shit crazy idea? Do you tend to ramble incoherently? Then you need write a patent! No worries — the US patent office will accept anything, no matter how crazy it is. Case in point: US Patent No. 8,609,158 … Continue reading

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Invasive Species: Postdocs On A NAKKID Beach

There is a place that devours overly curious postdocs in much the same way that a Venus flytrap devours bugs. It deposits its postdoc victims on a nude beach from which there is seemingly no escape. This is the story … Continue reading

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Juicy Fruit

“Take a good long look,” said the US Marshal next to me as I gazed out the airplane window. “You’ll never see this place again.” Underneath the jacket folded over my arms, I could feel the handcuffs cutting into me. … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Chemistry

I ordered some Soylent this morning … No, not Soylent Green. That would be made out of people, silly! I ordered Soylent, which is a blend of chemicals designed to serve as a food substitute. Imagine if Ensure were designed by a … Continue reading

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The Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature is Mostly Crap

I’ll begin by pointing out that the statement made in the title of this post isn’t merely the crazed opinion of a lunatic blogger. It is in fact the subject of at least one peer-reviewed paper in the scientific literature: Why … Continue reading

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Have You Tried that Reaction with Clay?

Trustus Pharmaceuticals Episode #31 What is with managers in pharma development? They all have some (often arcane) pet technology they want you to use. It doesn’t matter what you’re currently working on, or what your current issues are. “Please try … Continue reading

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