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Cure For Everything Now Patented!

Got a bat-shit crazy idea? Do you tend to ramble incoherently? Then you need write a patent! No worries — the US patent office will accept anything, no matter how crazy it is. Case in point: US Patent No. 8,609,158 … Continue reading

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ScienceNews Magazine Thinks The Onion is Peer-Reviewed

An article appeared this past week on ScienceNews titled “Schadenfreude starts young.” The gist of the article is that being an asshole starts in childhood (Schadenfreude is the pleasure derived in the misfortune of others). Interestingly, the first version of … Continue reading

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OMFG … Cell Phones DON’T Cause Cancer!

Suppose a guy holds two doctorates in physical sciences from prestigious institutions, has a long history of academic and industrial research, and has published over 200 scientific papers. Can it be assumed he isn’t a bat-shit crazy nut? What about THIS … Continue reading

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The Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature is Mostly Crap

I’ll begin by pointing out that the statement made in the title of this post isn’t merely the crazed opinion of a lunatic blogger. It is in fact the subject of at least one peer-reviewed paper in the scientific literature: Why … Continue reading

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